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Bespoke Furniture

We manufacture custom built wood furniture such as bookcases, coffee tables, chairs, desks, cots etc to specification (using supplied drawings) in a variety of wood types.

This custom built table was manufacted using three different wood types; Ash, Miranti and Mahogany. Ash being the lighter wood type, Miranit around the surround and Mahoganay in the design dovetails on top of the table.

The table legs were constructed using both Ash and Miranti wood and the creative design adds a touch of elegance to the table and makes it unique.

This bookcase was built to fit a specific space in a clients Georgian property in Edinburgh. It was constructed using MDF with a Redwood foreedge to keeps costs down.

The timber was then primed, undercoated and finished with white gloss paint.The client and our team were very happy with the finished result.

(Please note that all of our photos are taken in house and are work in progress until Ruaridh gets to grips with our new all singing and dancing camera!)

We manufacture, supply and fit any type of furniture. One of our Carpenters is currently working on replicating a crib.

Photos will follow on completion.